Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Israeli Response Disproportionate?

The Israeli response is disproportionate? I hear this a lot from the Jew hating Press, European nations and intollerant leftists. The very idea that this attack on Hamas is purely a result of a few misguided rockets is an understandable ignorance perpetuated by the ignorant left and uninformed sheeple.

The fact is, Hamas and Palestine in general has been launching attacks against Israeli civilians for years. In fact, there have been over 1,100 civilian deaths in Israel from Palestine between 2000 and 2007. Click here for Chart

For those of us in America, we must ask if we would show the same restraint if even a dozen of our civilians were being attacked by terrorists on a regular basis from across the border.

The answer should be a resounding, "No". Why then would we ask Israel to restrain itself? And if you consider all the deaths in Israel, innocent men, women and children over the last decade, the deaths done to civilians far outnumbers the deaths currently in Gaza. As of right now, the number of Palestinian deaths is less than half the number of innocent Israelis killed in terror attacks and MOST of the dead are Hamas militants.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why Palestinian Deaths Do Not Bother Me

Well, perhaps the title can be a bit misleading. Of course I absolutely abhor the deaths of innocent civilians, but I have always been one to look at situations with detached perspective. I understand that this can make me appear cold, but I have found that a practical approach resulting in a long standing solution, is more compassionate than accomplishing nothing and patting myself on the back for passing out the most fliers.

Take the San Francisco protesters for example. On Monday they staged a rally that did nothing more than block traffic for hours. I myself walked by a man wearing a modified Israeli flag on his chest with a swastika instead of the star of David. It's not the ironic use of a swastika on an Israeli flag, which makes no sense, it is the irony that the Palestinian people had elected Hamas, an organization recognized by the international community as a terrorist organization which has the destruction of Israel in their charter. The Palestinian people have essentially elected Nazi sympathizers into office.

This brings me to my point of looking at this in perspective. Although not everyone in Palestine voted for Hamas, there are consequences for the actions of a state or nation that determines the fate of its citizens. Germany elected the Nazi party in the 30's despite its overt anti-Semitic views. Over the following years, many German civilians would die in allied carpet bombings. Nazi supporter or not. One could argue that the German citizens were victims by a technicality, but it would be irrelevant when you consider the global intentions of the party and the man they elected to lead their nation.

No such thing as media Bias...

The home of the "Most Trusted Name in News" CCN has released the following:
Leadership Rating Best For New Chief Since Reagan
This is of course before he even takes office... Naw, no such thing as bias indeed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The GM Union Bail Out: Short Of Sounding Like A Conspiracy Theorist

The first big victim of the Union Bailout Scam has been hit. Dayton Ohio will close it's GM plant, forever changing the landscape of a once thriving city. Many of the city's financial infrastructures are dependent on GM's business needs.

The image I have going in my head is of three men in suits, armed with assault rifles and wearing ski masks standing above about a dozen people kneeling and blindfolded. One of them is on the floor bleeding; he has been shot in the head. As the other hostages quake with fear one of the men in suits yells in a burly voice, "Alright, listen up! We demand 25 Billion dollars in unmarked bills or else the rest of these dopes are gonna take a dirt nap."

As some have mentioned, this entire bailout business is nothing more than the biggest heist in history. The cost to us, the tax payer, will be in the trillions and least for generations to come. What is peculiar about this is that this plant is the only one owned by GM that is not under control of the United Auto Workers. This stinks something rotten. So with this move, the UAW becomes the only union in charge of GM production and sends a message to Washington at the same time.

Meanwhile, the auto manufacturers not controlled by unions are not in such dire straits as the big three. Do you see the connection here? The unions are pulling the strings. These crooks are holding our economy hostage for billions of dollars. These same crooks openly endorsed Barack Obama for the presidency. The crooks of Wall Street also have deep connections to Obama. Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson were both CEOs of Fannie Mae and were key political and economic advisors during his presidential campaign.

The thing that is the funniest about this whole deal is that since most of the country, about ¾ of this country, are unhappy with the Bush administration, blame will forever be passable to his administration, even as they rob us blind. They will use this manufactured crisis to grow government and increase taxes. Yeah, this is "change" alright, from one set of crooks to another. Except these guys are bigger and claim to be champions of the "little guy".

Get ready America, it's going to be a bumpy ride.